releasing some urls:






oh my god how do you talk to boys

wow i lost about 30 followers lmfao

part of you changed urls, hoW AM I SUPPOSED TO RECOGNIZE YOU

ok so my laptop went crazy and stopped working and they had to delete EVERYTHING that was there, like, all the celebrity pictures, and psds, and videos, and resources, and fanfics, and MY FUCKING BALDUR’S GATE II OMG I WAS ALMOST FINISHING THAT SHIT, reaction gifs and pics, and even personal fUCKING PICTURES I TOOK AND SAVED THERE AND I NO LONGER HAVE ON MY CAMERA CAUSE I DELETED, basically i have that laptop for almost 3 years now and there i had stuff from like 3 years and a half ago and now idk what to do with my life because i basically lost it

i miss you tumblr


congratulations to harry styles for not screwing up his solo beCAUSE HE DIDNT EVEN SING IT

idk but i’m actually going to visit her though

i don’t care if i’ll have to save twice the money i’d have to save just so i can take my mom with me or if i’ll have to wait until i’m 18, i just know i’m fucking going and my father won’t be able to even think of saying anything

i’m so tired of my father’s attitude though

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